AMI and Colorado State University Partnership Boosts Firmware Security Ecosystem

May 10, 2022 | Tech Blog

One essential element of firmware security is a closely connected security threat ecosystem, which includes collaborative research and vulnerabilities sharing. As part of our focus on firmware security, AMI has promoted cybersecurity research at Colorado State University (CSU) since 2019.

The CSU partnership enables graduate students to collaborate with AMI in firmware security research, testing and development. This collaborative research allows AMI to stay on the cutting edge and test for vulnerabilities while fostering innovation and communication in the industry. Funded by AMI, recent research topics have included phishing and deepfake text detection, smart device security, simulated SCADA attacks, detection of anomalous user activities, and more.

You can read some of the latest research from AMI and CSU below:

We look forward to continuing our partnership and advancing firmware security with the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Interested in learning more? Contact us here.

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