Simplify System Maintenance and Configuration

AMI Remote BIOS™ integrates firmware configuration and updates, hardware diagnostics and pre-OS applications in a Unified EFI (UEFI) environment. Combined with Aptio® firmware and AMIDiag™ diagnostics, it greatly simplifies system maintenance and setup. It also replaces the "recovery DVD" with an always available pre-boot management tool that can be executed from the BIOS flash ROM, NAND flash, on-board USB, protected disk partitions and proprietary storage. Additionally, AMI Remote BIOS allows for simple customization of the pre-OS environment, so developers can replace the standard BIOS look and feel with proprietary branding.

Move away from text-based applications to an intuitive graphical interface and make system diagnostics readily available to the user. Take advantage of UEFI standards to create a framework for integrating new applications that leverage the same GUI and customized themes. Execute BIOS and firmware updates in pre-boot to eliminate OS compatibility issues and enable recovery and full system tests even when the OS cannot boot.

Enterprise-wide Remote Client Management

In a highly connected world, enterprise customers demand better platform management on currently shipping client platforms offered by OEMs and ODMs.

Client systems have limited remote management functionality, which typically requires an onboard BMC or an operating system to be fully installed and actively running. While a BMC offers a high level of platform management, it normally ships exclusively on server platforms.

Leveraging AMI's expertise in both UEFI BIOS and BMC firmware, AMI has developed a comprehensive management solution that uses the in-band network to perform all administration during pre-boot. This means that enterprise-wide remote client management can be included on shipping OEM/ODM client platforms without any hardware modifications.


  • BMC-less Remote BIOS Management
  • Secure Remote Firmware Update
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Remote BIOS Configuration & Settings Cloning
  • Remote Console
  • System Inventory Information
  • Pre-OS Remote Management
  • Data Analytics and Reports
  • Remote Automation
  • Remote OS Deployment
  • Secure shell provided for remote administrator scripting

Quick Firmware Update

The ability to quickly deploy firmware updates and security patches throughout an enterprise is highly desirable. The AMI Remote BIOS solution allows enterprise administrators to quickly update their organization's systems from a single location. This includes both security and maintenance updates. Firmware update policies can be defined and customized based on the requirements of the organization/enterprise it is deployed in by its system administrators. For example, pending firmware updates can be applied during a system reboot.

Remote Client BIOS Management

Diagnose a pre-OS hardware issue using AMIDiag for UEFI without having to leave the system administrator's desk.

System Inventory

Allows system administrators to collect the client system inventory details including, processor, memory, HDD, and PCIe devices. Also allows data analytics and reports with inventory data.

Remote Automation

Allows the System Admins/OEMs to execute custom pre-boots scripts like pre-boot security testing.

Fully Customizable Web Based UI

AMI provides a default web-based front-end that can be completely customized. Alternatively, OEMs can also build on top of standard Redfish interfaces to build custom tools.

Local Provisioning

For customers looking to do provisioning at the local console, AMI provides a brandable, highly graphical interface to handle all the features locally.

Centralized Management Server

AMI Composer is a centralized management server that can manage thousands of client systems that have the Remote BIOS agent installed. Has a feature-rich management dashboard to manage scheduling, view reports and analytics.

Remote OS Deployment

Perform unattended installation of different operating systems via ISO images hosted on the management server, including Microsoft® Windows® and Linux-based operating systems.

Remote Console

System administrators can remotely access the terminal of the Remote Pre-boot client over the network. System administrators can use Remote Console to manage the BIOS or automate via shell.

AMI Remote BIOS Agent

There are two ways to deploy the AMI Remote BIOS agent on the client platform. One way is by building the agent directly into the BIOS image via an Aptio eModule. The second way is to install the AMI Remote BIOS agent via an EFI binary. The features differ slightly depending on how the agent is deployed.

FeatureEFI BinaryAptio eModule
Remote BIOS Configuration & Setting CloningNoYes
Full System InventoryNoYes
BMC-less Remote BIOS managementYesYes
Secure Remote Firmware UpdateYesYes
Remote DiagnosticsYesYes
Remote ConsoleYesYes
Remote OS DeploymentYesYes
OEM Inventory InformationYesYes
Pre-OS Remote ManagementYesYes
Data Analytics and ReportsYesYes
Remote AutomationYesYes


  • UEFI Version 2.5 or newer
  • PI Version 1.6 or newer
  • UEFI Network Stack
  • EFI System Partition*
  • AMI Composer System Manager - Firmware Management Server version 2.1 or newer

*Valid only for AMI Remote BIOS agent installed via EFI binary

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