AMI Composer Server Manager

AMI Composer® Server Manager

AMI Composer® from AMI is a robust hyperscale node, rack and management ecosystem built around a central framework that delivers core manageability features. Various extensions to the AMI Composer framework add individual manageability capabilities including server, POD and telco cloud infrastructure management, thanks to its compliance with key management specifications like DMTF Redfish® and Intel® Rack Scale Design.

Server Manager is an extension for AMI Composer that provides aggregated management of systems that are equipped with Redfish enabled BMC. It provides complete out of band (OOB) remote management of the system, even if the system is powered off or the operating system is not loaded.

Key Security Benefits

  • Secure Management — Secure communication using TLS
  • Platform Integrity Assurance — Ensure platform's trustworthiness before being deployed for enterprise needs
  • Platform Resilience — Recover quickly and minimize downtime when there is a server failure, power outage or other disruption.
  • Remote Diagnostics — Use virtual media and remote KVM to troubleshoot and fix platform issues
  • Automation — Automate complex use cases leveraging APIs exposed by Composer

Other Key Features

  • Redfish v1.7 Support
  • Web UI — A REST API browser based dashboard with live links, breadcrumbs, and multilanguage support
  • Platform Security — Monitor and notify changes in platform trust status. TPM configuration and trust agent provisioning
  • Launch KVM — Allows users to launch KVM of AMI's BMC via HTML5.
  • Platform Attestation — generate platform attestation reports
  • Discovery — SSDP based Discovery of Redfish enabled servers
  • Hardware Inventory — Collects hardware and system information.
  • Platform Health — Collects health information from all managed systems and provides a unified interface to the administrator.
  • Power control — Allows the user to control the power status of managed systems through a web interface from anywhere in the network.
  • BMC configuration — Allows the user to set BMC configure and get BMC information via Redfish.
  • Event handling — Allows the user to view the event log data from either the database for the selected Redfish device or get the live data directly from the device.
  • BMC Web UI launcher — Allows the user to launch BMC webpage
  • Mail Notification and Alert Management — Alerts are used to notify the administrator of resource event types
  • Provisioning — Allows users to update BMC and BIOS Firmware of AMI via AMI BMC REST API specification and update/provide BIOS setting via Redfish API specification.
  • Notification — When a resource type event happens, Web UI will be notified to show message and login list.
  • Indicator LED — Helps users identify which physical devices is are being managed via LED light on the device.

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