MG9100 UBM BPC Controller

Single and Dual Ported NVMe SSD Universal Backplane Management Controller

The MG9100 UBM Controller is a low-cost, small footprint solution for enclosure management of single and dual ported NVMe SSD Backplanes as well as traditional SAS/SATA backplanes through UBM (Universal Backplane Management) protocol, which is achieved with the help of two UBM SMBuses to communicate with the UBM controller on the host. A single MG9100 controller supports up to 8 drives, maximum of 32 drives are supported when four MG9100 controllers are cascaded together.

Legacy protocols such as SGPIO (SFF-8485), BMC & VPP/SHP are also supported in MG9100. MG9100 can also manage backplanes with combination of SAS/SATA & NVMe SSDs. Host Hot-Plug VPP or SHP SMBuses are used for LED management of NVMe drives, and SGPIO for SAS/SATA drives. Optionally, LED management can also be achieved with BMC SMBus.

  • Supports Enclosure Management of Direct attached PCIe/NVMe SSDs connected to Intel/AMD CPU0 & CPU1 through dual VPP/SHP SMBus.
  • Enclosure management of PCIe/NVMe SSDs connected to Avago/Microsemi PCIe switches
  • Supports 2 channels of SGPIO (SFF-8485) bus for enclosure management of SAS/SATA drives
  • Supports IBPI specification (SFF-8489)
  • Supports Optional Enclosure Management of NVMe/SATA/SAS drives through BMC SMBus
  • Supports Activity and Status LEDs for each drive
  • Both 2-LED and 3-LED blinking supported for up to 8 drives
  • Separate LEDs for Activity, Locate & Fail drives states
  • Supports preloaded and downloadable custom LED blinking patterns
  • Supports Global Act and Global Fail LEDs
  • Support for up to 32 drives with four MG9100 controllers
  • Power Disable support for SAS/SATA/NVMe drives
  • Supply range 3.3V +/- 5%
  • Small QFN-64 Package with 9mm x 9 mm pin outline
  • Ships ready to use, no firmware or programming required
  • Firmware upgradeable through SMBus from host BMC
  • Diagnostics and FW upgrade tools available for Windows & Linux