MegaRAC Development Kit for the AST2600 BMC

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MegaRAC® Development Kit for the AST2600 BMC

The MegaRAC Development Kit for the AST2600 BMC features hardware, tutorials, and access to MegaRAC firmware to help developers and engineers gain experience in sensor porting, management technologies such as Serial over LAN (SOL) and UART, and virtual media (vMedia). This kit allows customers to begin immediate development and training projects using the MegaRAC OpenEdition BMC Firmware with the AST2600 BMC from ASPEED Technology.

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Bundled Hardware

  • AST2600 EVB
  • Fan
  • Sensor board
  • Host system


  • Firmware & AMI DevNet Installation and environment preparation
  • Projects to gain development experience:
    • Sensor porting
    • Management (SOL, UART...)
    • Virtual Media

ODM/OEM Provided

  • USB driver (SD, USB flash... for virtual media)
  • Ethernet, serial and/or display cable(s)

Bundled Hardware

This kit includes the following bundled hardware.


AST2600 Remote Management Server Processor


Raspberry Pi


Cooling fan

With pin header, RPM, Tach

AMI Sensor Board

The series 997 Sensor Board is designed to mimic the sensors that are typically found on data center server platforms. This allows ODM and OEM customers to begin immediate development using the MegaRAC OpenEdition™ BMC firmware with the AST2600 BMC. Firmware engineers gain hands-on experience with sensor porting, management via Serial Over LAN, management via UART and with vMedia.
  • 2x Current/voltage sensors (INA219A) for 12V and 5V DC power monitoring
  • 2x drive facing connectors for NVMe/SAS/SATA (SFF-8639 U.2 Slot; U.3 compatible)
  • 2x host facing connectors for U.2/U.3 NVMe (x4 OCulink)
  • 2x host facing connectors for SATA/SAS (standard 7-pin SATA)
  • 1x Backplane Controller (AMI MG9100) UBM/VPP/SGPIO host protocol for drive, LED and BMC management


MG9100 can be configured via DIP Switches to serve multiple backplane applications

  • 1x NVMe I²C management interface (accessible via pin header)
  • 1x 2-channel I²C MUX with Interrupt (PCA9543A)
  • 2x temperature sensors (TM75AID)
  • 1x 16K bit EEPROM (24LC16B)
  • 1x 2-to-1 I²C master de-multiplexer with an arbiter function (PCA9641)
  • 1x I²C repeater (PCA9617)
  • 1x Parallel-in/serial-out (74LV165A) with 8 position DIP switch
  • 2x Serial-in/parallel-out (74LV595A) with 7 segment LED display
  • 2x potentiometers for +12V, +5V voltage monitoring (to BMC ADC input)
  • 1x 2-channel +12V DC FAN control(PWM)/monitoring(TACHO)
  • Signals are available via pin headers for composing desired I²C topologies
  • 4 GPIO controlled LEDs
  • 4 digital input implementation with 4pcs tactile switches

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