Platform Validation & Testing Services

Platform Validation & Testing Services

Trusted Testing Services for Quality Assurance

In today's highly competitive marketplace, only those products that demonstrate the utmost in quality become successful. To ensure their quality, these products are subjected to rigorous and detailed testing protocols ensuring their excellence in both performance and reliability.

Drawing upon decades of hardcore testing experience, AMI's Platform Validation Services provide a guaranteed, fault-proof testing program that can help companies be 100% certain of their products' quality and reliability before launching them into the market.

  • Integrated framework with more than 2500 test cases and 1000 test plans
  • Expert validation services for niche computing functions like BIOS, Service Processor, Storage, Device Drivers, Embedded OS & Backplane Controllers
  • Integrated custom and off-the shelf testing and validation tools with automated testing facilities
  • Integrated remote and local diagnostics with custom tools like AMIDiag
  • Proven 5-Step Validation Methodology to capture the client's requirements and translate them into a detailed test plan with the necessary test tools, environment, and reporting to ensure successful validation

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