What’s In the Box? – May 2017

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Before the MegaRAC® family grew into the extensive product line it is today, one of MegaRAC’s most interesting solutions came in a small, metal, box-like form. This compact solution serves as a mighty predecessor of current and future MegaRAC products and has capabilities beyond what one could imagine a small box could do. In 2003, MegaRAC introduced its MegaRAC® K1 solution.

In the simplest terms, we like to call the K1 the “Overlord” because it can easily attach to a system and the person in control can essentially monitor everything on the overtaken system remotely from wherever he or she may be, hence becoming the coveted Overlord of the system…However in a more technical (and realistic) sense, the MegaRAC® K1 is a digital KVM-over-IP device in a zero-U form factor that can be attached to analog KVMs, servers or PCs. The K1 provides users the means to remotely monitor their systems, control the keyboard and mouse, and manage their servers/PCs from anywhere at any time. The K1 comes equipped with four ports to connect different network cables and an easy installation process. With its easy-to-use, compact design, the K1 was a high-performing remote management solution that made remote accessibility of users’ systems possible.

Since the inception of K1, MegaRAC has expanded its product line into various remote management firmware/software solutions. Although the K1 device has now been discontinued, MegaRAC’s current lineup includes products such as MegaRAC® SP-X, PM-X, CM-X, Composer and Intel® Rack Scale Design Solutions. So don’t you worry. The original Overlord may have disappeared, but luckily MegaRAC still offers a variety of products for your remote manageability needs.

One of the remaining K1 devices is now housed in our corporate office’s makeshift “AMI History Museum” (as we call it)!

To learn more about the MegaRAC product line, please visit ami.com/bmc.