What is ESA?

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What is ESA?

ESA is an acronym for Extensible Setup Architecture. ESA is an Aptio®V user interface module that allows you to customize the look and feel of the Aptio boot UI. ESA is a replacement for the traditional BIOS text-based setup environment (TSE).

In addition to the main parts of ESA, which consist of Front Page and Setup, it provides support for Message Boxes, Dialogs, Popups, Soft-Keyboard, Hot keys, Resolution support and Option ROM configuration.

In mid-July 2017, we asked BIOS/UEFI Setup: Text-based or Graphical? Many responded to this post via social media. The results were mixed. While many liked text-based, an equal amount liked the updated feel of ESA.

For more information on ESA, such as features, please download the AMI Extensible Setup Architecture (ESA) Data Sheet.