TL;DR: Tech Topics Roundup

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We’re always reading about the latest, greatest and most interesting things that are happening in the technology industry. In a time where technology is quickly innovating, we’re always on our toes and there is always something new to read about every day. For today’s blog post, we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting, buzz worthy topics in the tech industry and written short descriptions about what is going on!

When Your Watch Makes Your Arm a Touchscreen

Yes, you read that right. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon and ASU Tech have prototyped a smartwatch called LumiWatch that projects the watch’s screen onto the wearer’s arm. And here’s the kicker – your arm becomes a touchscreen interface. LumiWatch is still currently in the development stages but it’s interesting to see how smart these smartwatches are actually getting.

Cambridge Analytica is Ceasing Business Operations

Cambridge Analytica is no stranger to controversy. Cambridge Analytica came to the spotlight as the company that was secretly mining the information of millions of Facebook users through a personality quiz app. This collected information was then used for targeted advertising, notably during the most recent presidential election back in 2016. Cambridge Analytica and its parent company officially announced that the businesses will be ceasing business operations. So that’s officially public information as of May 2nd.

AI A Threat to Current Technology Renaissance?

Recently, Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin talked about how we are currently experiencing a “technology renaissance” thanks to the advancements in AI across multiple industries. Brin mentions that it is an exciting time for the technology industry. We’re starting to see computing power becoming more powerful, new technologies coming out faster and AI is becoming more and more prominent. However, Brin also mentions that the rise of AI shouldn’t be taken lightly and we must be cautious in the future, particularly when it comes to employment and politics given the potential for controversial usage of AI in these two areas.

Newest Couple: Aerospace Industry & Blockchain

It looks like we have a new union brewing. Blockchain, the widely-talked about cryptocurrency technology, is making its way into the aerospace industry. Aerospace companies are apparently looking to use Blockchain technology to track supplies moving through their supply chains. Although Bitcoin has been used for digital transactions, suppliers believe that the track, record, and transfer nature of Bitcoin technology can be applied to tracking and moving their supplies. So it looks like Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere and it appears that Bitcoin can be extended beyond its original capabilities.

Google I/O 2018 Right Around the Corner

It’s May, which means it’s time for the annual Google I/O developer conference. Google I/O 2018 starts tomorrow in Mountain View, California and there are a lot of things to expect this year. You can definitely expect Google to talk about AI, wearables, smart devices and overall, how the our everyday devices are becoming smarter. Oh so much smarter.

And that’s it for this week’s Tech Topics Roundup! Which topic interested you the most?