Sad Desk Lunch: The Sad Little Bar

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This past week, we were running all over the place prepping for and hosting our annual BIOS Engineering Summit, a week where engineers from both our headquarters and Taiwan branch come together to sync up on the latest innovations the engineers are working on. It was a very busy week for our engineers, where they spent most of their time attending presentation sessions from the beginning of the work day till the very end! So busy that it seemed as though a decent lunch was sacrificed in the exchange for technical knowledge of the latest AMI innovations!

Due to a packed schedule for our attendees and engineers, sometimes lunch time would be cut short because there were so many things that needed to be accomplished! One attendee barely had time to squeeze in a decent lunch. When we caught up with him, what was he eating? A granola bar; or as we like to call it The Sad Little Bar. A sad little granola bar that would probably not even make a dent in the hunger games that is lunch time. Sad desk lunch syndrome is very real around here!

Have you had a Sad Desk Lunch lately? Share with us your #saddesklunch pictures with us on social media!