PR Announcement: AMI to Host Fall 2018 UEFI Plugfest with Other UEFI Members in Taipei, Taiwan from October 15 -19, 2018

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AMI, Inc. will be sponsoring the upcoming Fall 2018 UEFI Plugfest with several other members of the UEFI Forum. The event is scheduled to take place from October 15-19, 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan.

UEFI Plugfests take place throughout the year through the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Forum and its members. Plugfests allow attendees to test their platforms on each others’ platforms. Through the plugfests, the UEFI Forum works to further their mission of creating interoperability among various IBVs, manufacturers and developers by allowing attendees to test their products alongside other companies’ products.

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