From the AMI Archives: AMIDiag® Hardware Diagnostic Software Suite

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From time to time, AMI releases products that are a direct extension of what our engineers use for hardware and software development, testing and debug in our labs, either for use by our OEM/ODM development customers or directly to enthusiasts and end users for their home or professional use.

One such product that fits this pattern is AMIDiag®, a hardware diagnostic software suite produced by AMI in several versions over the years from the late 1990s to the present day. The packaging for AMIDiag as it was sold in the 2001 version of the product is shown in the image below. As seen from the packaging, this product was marketed with the tagline “Industry Standard Diagnostics”, offering “Easy to use diagnostic tests for major system components and peripherals.”

AMIDiag was touted to offer “complete system information including I/O ports, IRQs, DMAs, network details, video details, multimedia and SCSI,” along with support for “all Legacy ISA, EISA, PnP and PCI cards.” One novel aspect of the product at the time was its ability to provide “web enabled update for all test modules,” seeing as online updates of commercial-grade software were not terribly common back in 2001.

A look at the back of the product packaging lists many of the system properties and components it tests, in exhaustive detail:

Finally, we see from the packaging that AMIDiag was compatible with DOS as well as Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000 operating systems – remember those? As we mentioned in another “From the AMI Archives” post on our product called “PC Care for Windows 95”, times and operating systems have certainly changed!

For some time, AMIDiag was sold online via a website operated by AMI, making it one of the first e-commerce products ever sold by AMI, as that market started to explode around the early 2000s. Interestingly enough, AMIDiag is still in use today in its current incarnation as AMIDiag for UEFI, a product available to OEM/ODM development customers for testing and diagnostics during the development, debug and production phases of the product lifecycle.

We are curious to know: have you had any experience with AMIDiag in its various forms over the years? Drop us a line via social media or our Contact Us form and let us know and as always, thanks for reading!

Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft in the US and other countries.