Eco is In: Inside Look on AMI’s Green Initiatives Committee

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If there’s one thing we should all think about more is making the world a more green friendly place. There’s no denying that recycling, conserving energy, and initiating more green-friendly practices poses benefits to the environment. Since we spend a vast majority of our time in the workplace, why not work towards making our workplace more green-friendly and getting our co-workers to contribute to a better green initiative? That is why AMI started to go green and work towards developing more environmental-friendly practices around the office with its Green Initiatives Committee!

Here at AMI, we try to incorporate a lot of different programs in the workplace. You may have already read about our commitment to health & wellness through various health programs. But did you know that AMI also formed a Green Initiatives Committee, a task team formed to identify ways that the office could become greener? The Green Initiatives Committee, or the Green Committee, consists of nine representatives from different departments. The members of the Green Committee meet every month to discuss and implement new programs to reduce, reuse and recycle (the infamous Rs!) and encourage employees to take the environment into consideration.

Since its inception in 2016, the Green Committee has primarily focused on energy-saving and recycling initiatives as their first objective. As it is known, AMI is a tech company that works with items such as motherboards, computers, drives, monitors, and other miscellaneous hardware pieces and objects. When these items reach the end of their useful life, they are discarded. The committee’s findings also showed that in the break rooms, some employees were unaware of how to properly discard recyclable items. Learning these things formed the catalyst for a major recycling program revamp. After switching to a new recycling company that better aligned with AMI’s recycling initiative, new recycling bins were provided and strategically placed around the offices, improving accessibility and convenience. In correlation with the new recycling bins, new recycling signs were printed to specify what items are recyclable and advise employees on how to recycle certain items properly. After the new recycling program was put in place, more employees have been conscious about recycling, closely following the new program put in place by the committee. In addition to the recycle program revamp, the committee has worked on other eco projects such as automatic lighting, water-conserving toilets, more plants outside of the office building, adding eco reminders to employee email signatures and reducing paper printing. So far, the Green Committee has been seeing a lot of progress and the hope is to continue working in a upward trajectory where we continue see recycling practices and energy savings go up, up, up!

There is still work to be done and AMI’s Green Committee is looking at more eco-friendly goals in the upcoming months and years. What are your companies doing to encourage more eco-friendly practices around the office? Have any advice on what we can do to be more eco-friendly? Share with us on social media!