Case Study: Above & Beyond

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DAQRI, a leading enterprise augmented reality company, presented and demonstrated DAQRI SMART HELMET™ to a worldwide audience at Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) 2016, a global consumer technology/electronics trade show. DAQRI’s SMART HELMET is a wearable human-machine interface designed to work in enterprise settings and display real-time information based on a worker’s environment. With its intriguing design and interface, the SMART HELMET was generating a lot of buzz amongst tech enthusiasts prior to the unveiling. Introducing this new technology would allow DAQRI to change the way industrial workers viewed information/data while on the job, and give new meaning to worker productivity.

With AMI’s impressive resume and history of working with other technology companies, DAQRI entrusted the help of AMI to assist with the development of the system BIOS. As a core component of the product, AMI was responsible for looking over the system BIOS and customizing it to the specifications of DAQRI SMART HELMET.

DAQRI wanted to make a splash at CES and with the deadline for CES fast approaching, it had to ensure that the SMART HELMET was ready for CES. AMI, understanding the urgency of the project, immediately sent BIOS engineers to the DAQRI development facilities in Seattle and the U.K. AMI engineers worked continuously on the SMART HELMET, making sure the BIOS worked perfectly. Leaving the DAQRI SMART HELMET BIOS in capable hands, DAQRI focused on the hardware and software development.

DAQRI SMART HELMET was demonstrated during Intel CEO Brian Krzanich’s CES keynote speech and various sites listed DAQRI SMART HELMET as one of the most innovative products shown at CES.

The collaboration was a mutually beneficial experience because the work done with DAQRI allowed AMI to get its feet wet in augmented reality and see the exciting future developments for the industry. According to Brian Mullins, Founder & CEO of DAQRI LLC, “…Reimagining what computing looks like in a completely new form factor made possible by key technology from AMI and our close partnerships during development.”

To learn more about the DAQRI SMART HELMET, please visit DAQRI’s website.