Autumn Health & Fitness Events at AMI

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The intense heat of the Georgia summer is finally starting to fade, making it the perfect time to get outdoors and be active. AMI team members are no stranger to this impulse, and as we have written in previous posts, the company tries to support and encourage employees to get moving and take charge of their health and fitness in many ways.

Two events, one recently past and one in the near future, highlight some of the ways that AMI is supporting active lifestyles for its valued employees.

Walk AMI: AMI Eurotrip 2018 Edition

This year’s edition of our biannual “Walk AMI” competition had a unique spin: a circular trip around the heart of Europe!

Participants were divided into teams, and progress was tracked daily and weekly by counting team members’ steps. This event will run over a period of three months and is still going on at the time of this writing. By its conclusion, participants will have walked in a counter-clockwise circle taking them through several major cities in Europe, beginning in Paris and circulating through France, Italy, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Holland before concluding this scenic “AMI Eurotrip” in London.

Kaiser Permanente 5K Run Walk

Registration and preparations are underway for the “World’s Largest Office Party” – the annual Kaiser Permanente 5K Run Walk. AMI employees have participated for several years in this fun yet casual race event since the days it was held at Turner Field (former home of the Atlanta Braves), now moved downtown to the Georgia World Congress Center.

AMI usually has several dozen employees participate; whether they run or walk, team members have a great time and usually become repeat participants. Our team wears matching “Team AMI” t-shirts that showcase a different employee-created design every year and the Run Walk event organizers select T-shirt designs for awards in several categories from all of the participating organizations. This year’s theme for our Team AMI shirts focuses on our home city of Atlanta, and we hope to share some images after the competition. Wish Team AMI luck for great results!

Other Healthy Happenings at AMI

We continue to host free yoga sessions twice monthly, with great turnout each time. Our yoga sessions are led by employee volunteers with many years of experience in practicing yoga, and the classes are open to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike with a focus on promoting both inner and outer well-being.

Additionally, our health care provider brought its mobile clinic to our site earlier this month, offering employees free flu shots to prepare for the beginning of flu season. As always, many AMI team members turned out to take advantage of this convenient opportunity!

These are just some of the ways that AMI is encouraging healthy and active lifestyles for its employees. What are your thoughts or suggestions about healthy activities to engage our team? We’d love to hear in the comments section below. Thanks for reading today’s post!