Acronym Soup: What is VeB?

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For today’s acronym soup, we’re serving you some hot VeB acronym soup and giving you some details about what VeB is and what VeB is used for.

What does VeB stand for?

VeB stands for Visual eBIOS.

What is VeB/what does it do?

First introduced in 2001, Visual eBIOS (VeB) is AMI’s graphical development environment specifically for developing the Aptio V® UEFI firmware. VeB users can develop their projects directly within VeB and VeB comes equipped with project configuration wizards to assist developers through the process. VeB supports multiple operating systems such as Windows® and Linux® with extended support to work on x86, x64 and ARM platforms.

For those who want an intuitive development environment for their firmware development needs, VeB is the tool that provides a stable and modern development environment.