Thousands of platforms, dozens of vendors: one composer to rule them all.

Meet the AMI Composer® Hyperscale Management Ecosystem

Four ways to extend manageability with AMI Composer

System Manager

For devices with AMI Composer System Manager that do not require an onboard Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)

Server Manager

Brings Redfish®-based server management to any Redfish® compliant BMC. Adds BIOS and BMC configuration/update support not native to Redfish®.

POD Manager

Adds Intel® RSD-based POD management for CDI system management.

TELCO Cloud Manager

MANO-based telco cloud management enabling service providers to provision Open Source MANO (OSM), deploy network services and more.

The Benefits of AMI Composer

  • Platform agnostic manageability across the datacenter
  • “Automated everything” with deep extensibility and REST APIs for integration with orchestration software like OpenStack® and Microsoft® Azure®
  • Compliant with DMTF Redfish® and Intel® Rack Scale Design management specifications
  • Clean, responsive and flexible web interface dashboard for detailed views of system health and performance
  • Robust provisioning including BIOS and BMC firmware update, application deployment and more
  • System discovery, asset information and health monitoring
  • Logical node composition based on payload templates
  • Node provisioning through PXE server
  • Power operations: Restore composed node resources on PSME power cycle
  • Custom event logs and notifications
  • User Management, including role, privilege and alert management hierarchies

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