AMI Announces MegaRAC OneTree, the Next-generation BMC Solution for Manageability at Scale

AMI Announces MegaRAC OneTree, the Next-generation BMC Solution for Manageability at Scale

Jun 13, 2023 | AMI in the News, Press Release

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – AMI®, the global leader in Dynamic Firmware for worldwide computing, today announced the availability of MegaRAC OneTree, the next-generation BMC solution in the industry. Built on the open architecture of OpenBMC, MegaRAC OneTree can integrate across multiple server architectures, BMC system-on-chip (SoC), and platforms. It enables a wide range of use cases, offering reliable and advanced BMC management for data center operators, cloud, edge, enterprise, and beyond.

“MegaRAC OneTree is designed for optimal performance, security, and scale,” says Sanjoy Maity, CEO at AMI. “It provides unparalleled flexibility, modularity, and future-proof silicon-agnostic design to meet current and future manageability needs as well as a tool-driven build process for significant time-to-market advantage.”

Key benefits of MegaRAC OneTree include:

      • OpenBMC Core design with support for multi-vendor platforms such as Intel®, AMD®, Ampere®, and NVIDIA®
      • Support for BMC SoC vendors such as ASPEED® and Nuvoton®
      • Powerful remote management for a complete out-of-band, OS-independent server control, including power management, KVM redirection, and virtual media
      • Seamless integration with AMI Aptio UEFI and Tektagon platform root of trust solutions
      • Support for Redfish®, telemetry & diagnostics information, along with advanced technologies such as GPGPU

Global support with ease of use and improved portability allows developers to include add-on expansion packs that best fit their needs. For more information, download MegaRAC OneTree datasheet or contact AMI sales.

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