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MegaRAC DS (Development Studio) is a very sophisticated set of plug-ins set on top of the popular Eclipse graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to develop and customize the management structure and visual interface for the MegaRAC SP Software Suite. MegaRAC DS nicely complements the rich feature set of MegaRAC SP and unifies the heterogeneous painstaking development efforts of the many different modules in the firmware. By providing a visual representation of the tasks, MegaRAC DS makes the development easy and maintainable for the developers. The following visual development tools have been integrated into MegaRAC DS:

  • Platform Development Kit (PDK) – IPMI porting for the specific hardware platforms.
  • SMASH CLPSDK – adding new SMASH profiles by the OEMs.
  • WSMAN SDK – adding new web services by the OEMs.
  • Web UI Development SDK– Customizing and adding new functionality to the web GUI.
  • CIMProvider SDK – customize or develop new CIM profiles and the provider to the Object Manager.
  • PlatformManagement Configuration Program (PMCP) – port for the sensor management visually for a particular platform. The graphical interface of inputting a specific hardware schematic automatically generates the associated code to ease the porting effort in a high degree.

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