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By leveraging more than a decade of experience in creating best-in-class firmware products for remote server management and server high availability, AMI offers a complete line of tailored management solutions that are compliant with the latest standards and meet the most stringent user requirements.


Chassis Management for Modular Servers
The MegaRAC® CM (Chassis Manager) is a robust Linux®-based firmware solution for the management of modular server chassis. It is extended from AMI’s successful MegaRAC® SPX system-on-chip (SoC) Firmware and is in full compliance with the Open Blade Architecture System Management Specification from the Server System Infrastructure (SSI) Forum. In addition to blades, MegaRAC CM fits nicely into microserver designs and rack-level management based on its flexible framework and customization tools.

MegaRAC CM firmware provides discovery, management and health monitoring of all the elements of a modular server chassis, including its power supplies, compute blades, I/O modules and cooling devices. To do so, MegaRAC CM supports widely adopted communications protocols, such as RMCP, SNMP and WS-Discovery, as well as DMTF interoperability standards like CIM, SMASH-CLP and WS-MAN.


Powerful Customization via MegaRAC Development Studio
MegaRAC CM is also easily customized via MegaRAC Development Studio (MDS), AMI’s Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for development and customization of the management structure and visual interface for MegaRAC firmware solutions. MegaRAC CM can be customized to use multiple bus fabrics (I2C, vLAN, etc.) and runs on any standard baseboard management controller (BMC) - PowerPC or x86. This makes it an attractive solution for microservers (6-8 nodes), as it can manage each node from a single BMC, while aggregating and storing data from multiple BMCs in a single centralized location.


A Key Element of the Bladebrix Blade Server Management Ecosystem
MegaRAC CM is a key element in AMI’s Bladebrix™ blade server management ecosystem, which also includes MegaRAC SPX Firmware to handle blade management and MegaRAC XMS Enterprise Management Software for management of the host application.



  • Extended from MegaRAC SPX SoC Firmware
  • Easily customized via MegaRAC Development Studio (MDS)
  • Can be customized to use multiple bus fabrics (I2C, vLAN, etc.)
  • Runs on any standard baseboard management controller (BMC) - PowerPC or x86
  • Attractive solution for microservers (6-8 nodes); can manage each node from a single BMC
  • Aggregates and stores data from multiple BMCs in a single location
  • MegaRAC CM Firmware is a key component of the Bladebrix MegaRAC ecosystem of Management, where key firmware elements control management of different pieces of the blade server ecosystem:
    • MegaRAC SP Firmware for Blade Management
    • MegaRAC CM for Chassis Management
    • MegaRAC XMS for management of the host application


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